7 01 2010
Intro: Roughly 300 words based on a concept I’m tinkering with. Pretty experimental, but I had fun writing it.

Reggie runt down them stairs hollerin’ like a lil’ sissy. Made Billy jump in the air and drop ‘is cigarette. He run out that den to the stairs, like he was on fire. You’da thought sombody’d done chopped half their heads off.

Jamie didn’t come back down with Reg and that made Billy shake.

“Issa ghost up there, Billy. They done got Jamie!”

Billy looked at ‘im real stupid. “No such thang as ghosts, y’dumb bastard!” Billy was lyin’ his ass off. You know good ‘n damn well everybody believes in ghosts. He ain’t special.

Jamie hollered out, real loud from upstairs. Billy an’ Reggie got so scared they was practic’ly holdin’ each other. Just a shakin’.

They took to arguin’ over what they oughtta do. Finally, Reggie goes, “Hell, if you ain’t scared, you go on up an’ check it out!”

Billy was scared as he ever been. His soul was real sick, real guilty. He didn’t wanna see what was up them stairs.

Little while arguin’ at it, they decide they was both goin’ up. So, they’s holdin’ real close an’ shinin’ their lil’ lights an’ all. Jumpin an’ squeakin’ whenever they hear somethin’.

“Jamie! Jamie, come on out, now!” They was yellin’.

When they saw Jamie’s ghost walkin’ cross top them stairs, them boys was ready to haul ass! But Billy’d done forgot all about that cigarette, an’ fire goes quick through them ol’ houses.

I might oughtta feel bad, I reckon. But I told them. I swear, I told them boys straight out. “Y’all sumbitches leave me here to die, I will haunt you!”

An’ they went an’ runt off. Now, if there’s four o’ ya and you see a lil’ bitty foreign fella come out a liquor store with a double-barrel, he empties two shells into your buddy… Well, hell you might reckon “He only had two shots, let’s go back an’ get Lyle ‘stead o’ leavin’ ‘im there on the sidewalk outside the package store just a bleedin’ and hollerin’ at us.”

So, them sumbitches is with me now. Cause that’s whatcha do, ya go back for friends.




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